The Mathilda™ books detail the story of the first-born child of Lucifer: Mathilda™. Her sole purpose for all eternity has been to train and lead her father's armies in the final war against Heaven and God. It is her destiny to rip the golden gates from their hinges, slay St. Michael as he defends them, and destroy the known universe. However, while in Hell, Mathilda™ has an epiphany and decides to defect to the side of Light in the only way possible: she sells her soul to God and escapes to Earth.

Once there, however, she finds herself not as she was in Hell but as an eight-year-old little schoolgirl. She has full knowledge of who and what she is and was with plenty enough power to make her more than formidable despite her smaller stature. However, as like all deals when one’s soul is on the line, hers too has stipulations:

In order for her to gain entry into Heaven and be forgiven of all her sins she must stop her father’s plan to destroy all of existence, learn why God favors humans and what it truly means to be one, and pass the third grade.

Failing in any of these tasks sends her back to Hell.

And like all deals when one’s soul is on the line Mathilda’s™ too is naturally fraught with obstacles. There is her bitter guardian angel, Baker, who has lost his faith in God’s wisdom and now desperately seeks his answers in alcohol. An impish demon attached to her in the form of a stuffed toy panda bear named Bela. Then there’s Lucifer placing the highest bounty on her head and releasing all of Hell to collect it by bringing her back to him. There’s also the bullies and cliques of school life including her daily nemesis in the form of her teacher, Ms. Francis.

Mathilda’s™ hands are certainly full and the answer to whether she succeeds or fails can only be learned by tuning in to see how it all plays out.

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