Mathilda™ originally debuted in 2001 proving to be widely popular in its local market of New Orleans and enjoyed readers nationwide as well as in England, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. The books however came out sporadically in their time as I was responsible for the writing, penciling, inking, lettering, advertising, marketing, promotions and web design in addition to the business duties for the company all by myself. Factor in the general demands of daily life and my day job and you have the common ingredients of challenges that exist for any man’s dream.

Fast forward to the end of 2009. While doing inventory I noticed that I was running low on copies of Book 1. No worries. I'll just reprint them. Unexpectedly the disc holding my digital copies of the book wouldn’t open not even when sent to a professional company to salvage the files. So I went to Plan B. After tearing through my studio, my home, my office, my mother's home, and my storage facility I came to the startling reality that Plan B wasn't going to work either. The two portfolios that went under water in my apartment in Mid City during Katrina held all the original artwork for the first three books of Mathilda™.  With damaged discs and no original artwork I found myself at a peculiar crossroads with my creation.

So I decided to start over. Completely.

I had to. All signs seemed to point to it. Once the initial copies I had printed run out (and Book 1 already has with Book 2 and 3 fast closing in) how would anyone coming in late be able to follow what’s going on? Scanning in a printed book created deteriorated files and the amount of time it would take to clean it up I’d be better off just redrawing all the damn things. Regardless: I have to do something.

So the short form is: If you own a copy of one of the original books then congratulations. There are no more copies. That’s it. From here on out the books are going to be published online a page at a time as I finish them, free for all to read. When I have enough to complete a book, you’ll be able to buy it when you get to the last page here. This seems to work well for my day job schedule as sometimes I have days to work on pages but other times, say mid-terms or finals week, I don't as I'm up to my eyeballls grading my student's projects.

Some say I’m “George Lucas-ing” the whole thing. I guess maybe I am in a way but what other options do I have if I want to continue? I certainly can kind of see where Mr Lucas' head was at though. With this new method I’m able to add a LOT of stuff I had to take out originally because I could only afford to print 16 pages. The stories and art are expanded to reflect the original scripts and I've never been happier. When all things are considered perhaps this is a blessing more than a curse.

So thanks to all the family, friends, and fans both old and new for being here. I hope you understand the process involved and love the story I’m creating here as much as I do.

For any specific Media info such as bios and photos please contact me at and tell me what you need.